The Ohio Township Association (OTA) is a statewide organization dedicated to promoting and preserving township government, through lobbying efforts and educational forums.  The Association was founded on June 28, 1928, and is organized in 87 counties.  The OTA has more than 5,200 active members, made up of trustees and fiscal officers from Ohio’s 1,308 townships, and more than 4,000 associate members.


A few fun facts about townships include:

  • Townships encompass the unincorporated area of the state; they serve approximately 35 percent of Ohio’s population.
  • West Chester Township (Butler County) has the largest population with 60,958 residents.
  • Jefferson Township (Guernsey County) has the smallest population with 86 people.
  • Townships maintain more road miles than any other branch of government with 41,000 miles.
  • Townships maintain cemeteries and can provide police and fire protection, parks and recreation, zoning and waste disposal.




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Latest News

Jan 12 2017

Registration for the upcoming OTA Winter Conference is now closed.  On-site registration will be available each day at the conference. 

Nov 29 2016

Senate Bill 235, introduced by Senator Bill Coley (R-Cincinnati) and Bill Beagle (R-Dayton) would exempt from property tax the increased value of property on which industrial or commercial development is planned until construction of new commercial or...

Nov 23 2016

Courtesy of Ice Miller LLP   In a stunning turn of events, a Texas federal district court has entered a preliminary nationwide injunction against the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) updated "white collar" overtime regulations. (Nevada v. U.S....