The annual membership drive is conducted through the 87 County Township Associations (CTA).


As addressed at a County Officers' meeting in June 2013, County Township Associations are considered "chapters" of the Ohio Township Association for purposes of tax exempt filing.  In order to receive tax exempt status through the OTA, a chapter report and copies of meeting minutes from the previous year must be submitted to the OTA by Oct. 31 each year.


The County Township Associations typically conduct membership in one of two ways:

1.  A renewal notice is sent to each member (both active and associate) from the previous year, with instructions on where and when dues should be received. For instance, Carroll County sends this form. Allen County sends postcards and follows up via email.


2.  The membership process is conducted in conjunction with a county meeting.  Muskingum County, for instance, sends a meeting notice, and dues are collected at the meeting. Champaign County also collects dues at their annual meeting, after circulating a membership form.


In addition to OTA dues, most County Township Associations require a supplemental fee for membership in their association. This fee ranges from county to county and can be anywhere from $4 to $25 per member. The fee is based on events offered to CTA members throughout the year. For example, Clermont County charges $10 but provides a free meal to every member in attendance at their monthly meetings. Other counties host events like ice cream socials or a fish fry, which is paid for through their annual dues.


Three membership awards are given each year, including Most Associate Members, Highest Percent Increase and Highest Raw Number Increase. The winning counties receive a plaque at the Annual Winter Conference and a free one-page advertisement in the Ohio Township News. Click here for the membership awards policy.


Congratulations to the 2016 membership award winners:

  • Most Associates - Van Wert with 323 associates
  • Highest Percent Increase - Portage County with a 40 percent increase
  • Highest Raw Number Increase - Monroe County with 9 new associates


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