The Ohio Township Association hosts an annual winter conference in Columbus to further the education of township officials and to provide a forum in which they may exchange ideas.  The 2016 conference was held Jan. 27-30 at the Columbus Convention Center.  


Need a tax exempt form?  Click here for a general tax exemption, and here for a hotel tax exempt form.    


If you have a topic of interest to townships, email Heidi Fought the title and a brief description. Workshops are scheduled in October each year for the following year’s conference.


Anthony Huey, a keynote session speaker, spoke about communicating in a crisis. Here is a resource from his presentation. 


Below are the workshop handouts for each workshop at the 2016 conference:


Auditor of State - Legal Update 

Basics of Purchasing, Certifying Funds and Bidding Part 1

Basics of Purchasing, Certifying Funds and Bidding Part 2

Big Box Site Plans: Best Practices

Borrowing and Investing for Small Governments

BWC Violations of Specific Safety Requirements

Cemeteries, Cemeteries, Cemeteries

Cemetery Dispute Commission: What We Are Hearing Regarding Complaints

Clean Ohio Program

Costing Out a Road Project

Creating or Reviewing Your Investment Policy

Decision Making for Zoning Boards and Commissions

Down and Dirty Details of the LGIF Application

Economic Development Tools

Financial Overview of the Budgetary Process Part 1

Financial Overview of the Budgetary Process Part 2

GASB 77 and Other Audit Issues

Grant Writing 102

Grants Management

HB 64 Cemetery Changes

How to Read a Financial Report

How Townships Can and Should Lobby for Change

Human Resources: What to Watch Out for in 2016

Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention


Joint Districts: The Realities of Creating Them

Land Banks and Townships

Land Conservancies and Townships

LEAN Grants and Programs of the Auditor of State

Levies 101

Limited Home Rule: Using it Creatively

Minutes, Motions and Resolutions

Mobile Integrated Healthcare

Mobile Integrated Healthcare Handouts Part 1

Mobile Integrated Healthcare Handouts Part 2

New Techniques to Convert Assets to Cash

Nuisance Procedure: Complaint to Removal

Nuts and Bolts of Running a Township

Ohio BWC and 2016 Changes to Prospective Billing

Ohio Public Works and Townships

Open Meetings Refresher

OPERS Update

OTALA: Communicating with Citizens

OTALA: Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution

Overview of Zoning in Townships Part 1

Overview of Zoning in Townships Part 2

Personnel Do's and Don'ts

Proactive Risk Management

Record Keeping: Just the Basics for Townships Part 1

Record Keeping: Just the Basics for Townships Part 2

Relationship Between Comprehensive Plans and Zoning

Road Issues Part 1

Road Issues Part 2

Road Preservation - ODOT Leading the Way



RUMAs Wind Farms

Safety Service Grants - Division of Forestry

Safety Service Grants - EMS

Social Media and Townships

State Fire Marshall Update

The Open Meetings Act - What You (Really) Need to Know

Top 10 Things a Board/Commission Should Never Do

Townships and Taxes

Truths and Myths About Hackers, Malware and Computer Security

Updating Cemetery Rules, Regulations and Deeds

Utilizing Capital, Reserved Balance and Accumulated Benefits Accounts

Vendor Collusion in Public Contracts Part 1

Vendor Collusion in Public Contracts Part 2

When Villages Dissolve

Whole Community Planning for Emergencies

Zoning: What is Legal and What is Defensible




Risk Control 360

Latest News

Aug 26 2016

Throughout the month of October, the Auditor of State's office will be providing in depth and hands on training on how to prepare notes to the township's financial statements (whether you prepare Regulatory or OCBOA)that are to be submitted with the required...

Aug 26 2016

The 2017 health care open enrollment season is around the corner and an important time for your constituents.   Because this year’s Annual Stakeholder meeting will be held in October and focus on a number of relevant retirement topics, we...

Aug 26 2016

The Ohio DNR is getting ready to send Tree City USA instructions in the next month to current and aspiring Tree City USAs. Ohio has lead the country in number of Tree City USA communities since the program’s inception and we are proud of everyone's ...