2023 OTA Trade Show Rules & Regulations

(Revised for 2023 Trade Show)

Exhibit Standards - Show Management, including the OTA, shall have the right to prohibit any exhibit or part of an exhibit that in their opinion is not suitable for, or does not keep with the character or purpose of, the exhibition. Extending into another vendor’s space and the fastening of materials to booth drapery, or to building walls, ceilings, floors, carpeting or columns, is expressly prohibited.*

For GCCC's rules and regulations, follow this link: https://columbusconventions.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/exhibitor_rules_and_regulations02.pdf

Assignment of Space - Space is assigned to each exhibitor on a first-come, first-serve basis, and is not finalized until payment, “hold harmless” agreement, and Certificate of Liability Insurance have been received by the OTA. Confirmations with booth numbers will be sent at least two weeks prior to the show to the contact name and email listed on the registration

Trade Show Hours - Trade Show exhibitors must abide by Trade Show hours. Exhibits must be maintained by at least one company representative at all times. Dismantling is not permitted until the exhibit hall closes at noon on Friday, January 27, 2023.*

Hospitality Rooms - The OTA does not condone, allow or endorse activities, meetings, or events that are similarly formatted to or that compete with the OTA’s pre-scheduled activities, meetings, or events during the official hours and events of the OTA Winter Conference & Trade Show. Vendors that market (before or during the conference and trade show) and/or host (during the conference and trade show’s pre-scheduled gatherings) such aforementioned gatherings will receive future penalties affecting booth location and/or the ability to exhibit.

Safety - All materials must conform to the requirements of the building and to the inspection authorities that have local jurisdiction. Most notably, all decorative materials must be nonflammable, and display vehicles must have fuel tanks drained and batteries disconnected; also, fuel filter openings must be locked or taped shut.*

Door Prizes - A portion of the vendor registration fee is used by the OTA to purchase door prizes which are awarded by random drawing during the General Session on Thursday. We are aware that some vendors choose to hold drawings for prizes at their booths. Ohio’s Ethics Laws place restrictions on this practice. Prizes should not be so valuable that they could be considered a substantial and improper influence on the public official who may win the prize.* Prizes with a value of $40-50 are likely to be considered below the threshold where an issue could be created. More valuable prizes could be awarded if the recipient of the prize is the township itself and not the public official personally. These prizes would need to be suitable for use by the township (e.g., a desk chair, business software or a technology device such as a tablet) and not designed for personal use (e.g., an expensive golf club or sporting event tickets). If you have questions, visit the Ohio Ethics Commission website at www.ethics.ohio.gov. We encourage vendors with door prizes to participate in the Thursday General Session drawing. For more information, contact Michael Zaky at zaky@ohiotownships.org or 614-863-0045.

*Not following this rule may result in future penalties affecting booth location and the ability to exhibit.