Clinton Township Public Works Maintenance Worker

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Clinton Township, Franklin County

Public Works Maintenance Worker

Job Purpose:

The Public Works Maintenance Worker carries out a wide variety of skilled and unskilled tasks throughout the township.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Brush collection/operation of large woodchipper
  • Leaf collection/operation of leaf vacuum
  • Plow and salt roads in the event of snow
  • Clear obstacles from roadways
  • Mow alleys and public areas with tractor, push mower, and weed eater
  • Patch potholes in roadways and alleyways
  • Maintain public parks
  • Maintain and repair storm runoff systems
  • Install and repair various types of signs
  • Occasional concrete and mortar work
  • Litter cleanup
  • Maintain all vehicles and machinery
  • Light mechanical repairs
  • Maintenance of township buildings and properties when needed
  • All other duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must have and maintain a valid State of Ohio driver's license
  • One year road maintenance/public works experience preferred

Working Conditions & Physical Requirements:

  • Operation of a variety of motorized vehicles and equipment
  • Lifting of heavy objects
  • Working outdoors in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions

The position is full time, at will, with excellent health benefits, and is in the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS). Clinton Township is an equal opportunity employer.

Please send resume via email to Dave Medley: