Director Of Zoning and Development - Boardman Township, Mahoning County

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Director of Zoning and Development

Boardman Township, Mahoning County


 Boardman Township in Mahoning County is seeking a Director of Zoning and Development. This position is responsible for the organizational and strategic development of the Planning and Zoning Department and reports to the Township Administrator. The director is responsible for the administration of the budget, supervising department staff, implementing the Township Zoning Resolution, including residential and commercial development, and overseeing the property maintenance and landlord registration programs. This is a full-time position with benefits. Salary range is $65,000 to $75,000.

Essential Functions of the Position

  1. Administers and enforces zoning regulations and building codes (e.g. responds to inquiries from residents/contractors; receives applications for permits; issue/withhold zoning and occupancy permits in conformity with zoning ordinances and regulations; review drawings/blue prints for residential, business, commercial and industrial projects to determine compliance with codes/regulations; conducts field inspections for new construction to determine compliance with site plans and ordinances; reviews requests for variances; provides written notice of zoning violations and penalties to property owners; grant extensions of time to property owners to comply with zoning regulations).

  2. Develops and processes case files as the Clerk for Board of Zoning Appeals, Zoning Commission, and Architecture Review Board.

  3. Administers and enforces Home Rule Property Maintenance Code (e.g. receives/records incoming complaints; investigate complaints; conduct on-site inspections and re-inspections; determine validity of complaints; issues letter of violation to property owners with required remedy; maintains detailed case files with records and photographs; grants or denies time extensions; issues citations with assistance of police department; files citations in appropriate court; consults with township attorney regarding violations and citations; negotiates plea agreements with property owners in accordance with codes; testifies in court against violators; conducts court ordered inspections/follow-up).

  4. Prepares, reports and tracks nuisance property assessments to the Mahoning County Auditor (e.g., maintain files for each assessment; prepare spreadsheets calculating assessments; etc.)

  5. Supervises Zoning Department Staff (e.g., schedules and assigns work; trains and evaluates employee work performance; interviews job applicants and recommends their hire; approves leave requests according to established policy.)

  6. Oversees information gathering, analysis and presentations in regard to planning; taking into consideration geographic, social, economic, political, and other factors that form the basis for land use decisions; develops and implements policies and procedures to ensure compliance with zoning regulations;

  7. Responsible for administration of department budget;

  8. Meets all job safety requirements and all applicable OSHA safety standards that pertain to essential functions.

  9. Demonstrates regular, predictable, and punctual attendance.


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