Huntington Township Awarded the Golden Boot

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The Brown County Solid Waste Authority and Adams Brown Recycling work with the 16 townships in Brown County to provide clean-up days for township residents. In an effort to spur competition amongst the townships, Dan Wickerhand, Recycling Director at Adams Brown Recycling, created the “Golden Boot Award” and the “Silver Sock Award” to give to the two townships in Brown County that cleaned up the most trash and debris during the scheduled clean-up days. The 2019 “Golden Boot Award” went to Huntington Township, which cleaned up 4.5 tons of roll-off. The runner up township, Lewis Township, received the “Silver Sock Award.”

Pictured are Alisa Applegate, Huntington Twp. Fiscal Officer, Randy Dugan, Shawn Scott and Randy Guinn, Huntington Twp. Trustees, Troy Ferrell and Rob Starrett, Lewis Twp. Trustees and Adams Brown Recycling Director Dan Wickerhand.

First published in the January/February 2020 issue of the Ohio Township News magazine. Contact Sarah at with any questions or for reprint permissions. 

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