Orange Township Development and Zoning Director

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Development and Zoning Director

Orange Township, Delaware County

Job Functions:

• Performing oversight of the Planning and Zoning functions of the Orange Township Zoning Department.
• Supervising the staff of the Zoning Department.
• Reviewing, for compliance with the Orange Township Zoning Resolution, applicable planned district development plan and the Township Comprehensive Land Use Plan, all zoning applications including, but not limited to: zoning permits; certificates of compliance; signs; appeals; conditional uses; variances; rezoning; temporary uses; extensions of time limits of planned district development plans; and plats.
• Reporting zoning activities to the Township Administrator, the Board of Township Trustees, the Zoning Commission, the Board of Zoning Appeals and the public.
• Directing the issuance of zoning permits and inspecting properties within the unincorporated area of Orange Township for potential violations of the Orange Township Zoning Resolution.
• Ensuring that zoning complaints are thoroughly investigated and corrective measures taken when warranted.
• Performing administrative responsibilities as well as enforcement duties related to the Orange Township Zoning Resolution and Chapter 519 of the Ohio Revised Code.
• Advising and consulting with the Administrator, department heads and elected officials on zoning matters.
• Establishing policies and procedures to insure effective, efficient and professional delivery of zoning services to the public.
• Making recommendations to the Board of Township Trustees on issues relating to zoning matters, including staffing levels, appropriations, training, discipline and equipment needs, as well as needed revisions to the Orange Township zoning Resolution, zoning fee schedule and zoning application forms.
• Supervising the creation and maintenance of zoning records and internal departmental records.
• Scheduling and attending meetings and hearings of the Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals, as well as attending meetings and hearings of the Board of Township Trustees.
• Acting as Orange Township’s representative to the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission (DCRPC).
• Directing the implementation, to the extent incorporated into the Zoning Resolution, the comprehensive land use plan and any adopted amendments.
• Developing and maintaining effective working relationships with supervisors, employees, elected officials, and the general public.
• Under the supervision of the Administrator, plan, organize, direct, and coordinate all economic and community development activities.
• Evaluate community needs and formulate long-term and short-range plans to meet needs in all areas of responsibility, including business development, enhancement, retention, financial stability, and community development services.
• Conduct research to identify and pursue any and all funding sources to support approved projects and prepare, write, and administer grant proposals related to community development.
• Develop and maintain a comprehensive inventory of available buildings and sites in the community for economic purposes and track business movement into and out of the Township.
• Ability to maintain a productive, professional relationship with the Delaware County Finance Authority.
• Overseeing any geographic information system (GIS) projects and applications.

Required Qualifications:

This position requires a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a major in urban planning, community planning, economic development, or related field. A minimum of 5 years’ experience in zoning code enforcement and / or economic development. Ability to read and understand site plans, sur-vey plats, and construction drawings.

Desired Qualifications:

• Knowledge of Orange Township.
• Knowledge of Ohio Revised Code as applicable to Township administration.
• Proficient in the use of Windows based computer operating systems, geographic information system (GIS).
• Previous supervisory experience and AICP certification is preferred.
• Public sector experience is preferred.
• Master’s degree is preferred.

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Deadline: December 31, 2021

Please send cover letter, resume, salary requirements, and any additional attachments to:

Valerie Bunting

Administrative Manager

1680 E. Orange Road

Lewis Center, Ohio 43035