Ohio Township Association Legislative Priorities

The OTA's Legislative Priorities for the 134th General Assembly (2021-2022)

The Ohio Township Association's Officers and Board of Directors regularly adopt legislative priorities for which the OTA advocates on behalf of its members. The priorities consist of issues that are of importance to Ohio townships and will significantly impact the efficiency of township government. Many of the issues in the priorities come from OTA members in townships across the state. 

Seeking Legislative Priorities for the 135th General Assembly

The end of the 134th General Assembly is slowly approaching. Now is the time to begin mulling over preferences for the OTA’s official legislative priorities for the 135th G.A.! Feel free to share your ideas with OTA Executive Director, Heidi Fought, at fought@ohiotownships.org.

As entities of statue, it is important for members of the G.A. to thoroughly understand the dynamic issues that confront townships. Ohio legislators are provided with the OTA legislative priorities at the start of the G.A., and are encouraged to reference them when drafting legislation that affects townships. The priorities are the legislative platform for the OTA, setting forth the Association's positions on key issues. 

Has your township recently encountered an issue that isn't addressed in the priorities? Let us hear from you! Contact the OTA office at 614-863-0045.