Ohio township trustee training opportunities. 

No one understands townships or township roles and responsibilities like the OTA. Beginning in March of 2022, the OTA will be hosting monthly workshops to help further educate and provide resources to township trustees on pertinent topics.

Whether you are a first-time trustee or have years under your belt, be sure to frequent this page for dates for upcoming webinars.

Full Upcoming Events Calendar

Upcoming Workshops:

  • November 14

    • Topic: Understanding Advancements in Fire Equipment
    • Speaker: Fire Chief Brad Shull, Jefferson Township Franklin County
    • Description: This presentation will explore changes to traditional fire service equipment, new technologies, and challenges townships face in acquisition. The ever-changing world of emergency services is evolving faster than we can become aware of these developments. This will be a basic look at those topics and more.

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  • December 13
    Topic/Speaker:  TBD

Past Workshops:
  • March 22 | FREE
    • Topic: The Township Trustee in 2022: Your Role in Meeting the Challenges 
    • Speaker(s): Panel
    • Description: This session will discuss some of the issues that township trustees routinely face and challenges unique to the last two years.
  • April 19
    • Topic: Implementing Your Township's Vision: Linking Projects and Initiatives
    • Speaker: Curt Mills, Director of Strategic Programs, Momentum, Inc.
    • Description: Do you know where you are going? Do you know how to get there? In today’s fast-paced environment, where every dollar counts, organizations can get tripped up in the details and miss the projects and initiatives that will move them toward their vision. This presentation will look at ways to link projects and initiatives to your strategic plan to ensure that you achieve long-term goals.
  • May 24

    • Topic: Recruitment & Retention During the "Great Resignation"
    • Speaker: Kyle White, Area Leader, OSU Extension
    • Description: Employees across the state are “jumping ship” in record numbers, and expectations abound about the type of job and work environment people expect. Attracting and retaining qualified members of your township team requires far more than just a job posting. These days, that goes beyond pay and benefits and includes anticipating—and accommodating—generational differences. Learn strategies for making your township workplace more attractive to draw the talent you need to succeed.

  • July 19
    • Topic: TIFs: What are they, how are they used, & the pros and cons of implementing
    • Speaker: Kip Wahlers, Attorney, Ice Miller LLP
    • Description: This workshop will cover township tax increment financing. Township officials will review the basics and then move on to more advanced topics, like valuation, negotiation with other affected public subdivisions, structure of public and private guarantees, and laws affecting Ohio tax increment financing.

  • August 23
    • TopicPeople-Impossible to Avoid, Vital to Success
    • SpeakerMelissa Mellott, Manager, Granite HR Consulting
    • DescriptionThis workshop will help participants interact more effectively with the people they come in contact with on a daily basis at work to drive their own, as well as their team's and the organization’s success. It will also consider the impact and use of social media for effective engagement.

  • September 20

    • Topic: Where the Trustee Responsibility Ends and the Fiscal Officer Begins
    • Speaker: Pete Griggs, Attorney, Brosius, Johnson, & Griggs
    • Description: This course will present and review the Ohio Revised Code statutory duties and authorities of the township trustees, individually and as a Board, as well as the fiscal officer, in the performance of their elected offices. The discharge of the duties will be presented in the context of mandated, prohibited, and permissive actions of the elected officials, as well as the differences in the duties and authority of the trustees and fiscal officer as independently elected office holders and how the trustees and fiscal officer work together to properly run the township.

  • October 18

    • Topic: Aging in Place: Responding to Senior Citizen Challenges
    • Speaker: Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging
    • Description: As many places in Ohio face the prospect of an aging population, townships must adjust their programs and services accordingly. This webinar will cover what can be done to assist the older adults in your community.

Dates are subject to change. Please check this page closer to the event for the most updated information. For any questions, please contact Michael Zaky at