Ohio township trustee training opportunities. 

No one understands townships or township roles and responsibilities like the OTA. Beginning in May of 2021, the OTA will be hosting bimonthly workshops to help further educate and provide resources to township trustees on pertinent topics.

Whether you are a first-time trustee or have years under your belt, be sure to frequent this page for dates for upcoming trainings.

Full Upcoming Events Calendar

Upcoming Workshops:

  • May 18 
    • Topic:
      Conducting Different Meetings as a Township Official


      Joe Lucente, Associate Professor, OSU Extension and Ohio Sea Grant College Program

      David Civittolo, Associate Professor and Interim Assistant Director of Community Development, OSU Extension

      Explore conducting different types of effective public meetings, including work sessions, special meetings, executive sessions and more.  

      To purchase the recording of this session, please contact Michael Zaky at 614-863-0045 or
  • July 20
    • Topic:
      Building the Trust of Your Citizens


      Mark Morris, Associate Clinical Professor & Chief Department Advisor Interim Director of CPMRA, Miami University

      The U.S. was founded on a healthy distrust of centralized government. Despite this base level, trust in government has seen further sharp declines since the 1960s. How can we explain this, and why we should care?

  • September 21 
  • November 16