OTAN (Ohio Township Administrators Network) training opportunities.

The Ohio Township Administrators Network (OTAN) is a group of township administrators dedicated to enhancing township management and professional development. OTAN meets periodically to discuss timely issues, share information and network.

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Membership in OTAN is contingent upon membership in the OTA. All administrators are encouraged to join the OTA as an associate member, which grants a person full membership privileges in OTAN. Please contact Michael Zaky at zaky@ohiotownships.org if you are interested in joining.

Upcoming Workshops:

  • April 22
    • Topic:
      Facebook, Polygraphs and the Next-Door Neighbor:  How deep can/should an employer dig into an applicant’s background?

      David Riepenhoff, Attorney, Fishel, Downey, Albrecht & Riepenhoff LLP


      This session is an update on:

      • Employer use of social media to screen applicants; 
      • When and how truth detection devices can be used in the hiring process;
      • Conducting background checks internally and through an external company; and
      • What constitutes a “lie” on the job application or during the interview?

      To purchase the recording of this session, please contact Michael Zaky at 614-863-0045 or zaky@ohiotownships.org.
  • June 24
    • Topic:
      Claims of Racism at Your Doorstep: What’s a Township to Do?


      Andrew Bellwoar, Attorney, Bellwoar Kelly, LLP

      Jamie Gwynn, Township Manager, New Hanover Township, Pennsylvania


      You are the Township Manager in the middle of your planned vacation, soaking up the sun, and you receive a call from your Police Chief. He tells you he received a letter with allegations of racism within the Police Department from a former employee. Your next board meeting is five days away…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               This webinar will walk attendees through this real dilemma that a township faced over the course of one year. This will be an interactive presentation, so attendees should be prepared to vote on which route they would take based on the variables presented, such as:

      • Resident concerns
      • How to handle press inquiries?
      • Who investigates?
      • How do you present the results of the investigation?
      • What agencies could be involved?
  • August 19
  • October 22
  • December 16