Zoning Inspectors Group

Zoning Inspectors Group training opportunities. 

The Ohio Township Association’s Zoning Inspectors Group meets quarterly and combines networking with education. The informal group was formed at the request of OTA members; it does not operate by a set of bylaws and has no governing board.

The Zoning Inspectors meet monthly and meetings combine networking with educational information. The Zoning Inspectors Group is also a great resource to ask questions of counterparts.

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There is no cost to be a member of the Zoning Inspectors Group, but there is a cost to attend the trainings. Membership in the OTA does provide for reduced training fees. The list of members is maintained by OTA staff. If you would like to be placed on the list, please email Michael Zaky at zaky@ohiotownships.org

Upcoming Workshops:

  • July 20
    • Topic: Zoning Code vs. ORC
    • Speaker: Jennifer Huber, Attorney, Brosius, Johnson & Griggs, LLC
    • Description: Let’s talk about the roles and contents of a zoning resolution versus the Ohio Revised Code. What are the differences?  What are the limitations?  What should be included in the zoning resolution, and what’s a comprehensive plan? 

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  • August 24

    Topic/Speaker: TBD

  • September 21

    Topic/Speaker:  TBD

  • October 21 (In-Person)
    Topic/Speaker: TBD

  • November 15
    Topic/Speaker: TBD

  • December 14
    Topic/Speaker:  TBD

Past Workshops:
  • March 23
    • Topic: How to Be Proactive with Township Businesses  
    • Speaker: Jacob Barnes, Planning Director, Springfield Township, Lucas County
    • Description: A vibrant business community is important to any Township. This session will discuss the importance of being proactive with Township Businesses and will offer tips and suggestions on how to develop and/or improve these important relationships.
  • April 20
    • Topic: Effective Enforcement of Code & Zoning Violations
    • Speaker: Pete Griggs, Attorney, Brosius, Johnson & Griggs
    • Description: This presentation will provide an overview of the common pitfalls, standards, and processes involved in the effective enforcement of township code and zoning violations.
  • May 25
    • Topic: Community Reaction to Land Use Changes
    • Speaker: Joe Clase, Principal, Plan 4 Land
    • Description: Land use changes may be viewed by residents with suspicion, fear, questions—and even anger. People are creatures of habit, and change is the process of becoming different. Explore the cycle of change and learn techniques to manage unfavorable reactions. Identify strategies on the best way to introduce land use changes in your community.
  • June 21
    • Topic: Zoning Change vs. Conditional Use - What's the difference?
    • Speaker: Jacob Barnes, Planning Director, Springfield Township, Lucas County
    • Description: In this session, we will look at the difference between zoning changes and conditional uses, how to handle each type of request, and the zoning inspector’s role in the process.

 To purchase a recording of any session or for any questions, please contact Michael Zaky at 614-863-0045 or zaky@ohiotownships.org