As the voice for nearly 13,000 towns and townships across America, NATaT has developed a proactive federal agenda to ensure that the needs and interests of small communities are reflected in all major federal statutory, regulatory, funding and policy decisions made in Washington.  The NATaT Board of Directors identified three primary advocacy goals on which members will focus: (1) securing tax benefits for local public service volunteers; (2) increasing federal funding for local economic development programs, water and wastewater infrastructure, brownfields redevelopment, and transportation improvements, including rural roads and bridges; and (3) ensuring that towns and townships receive their fair share of federal resources. 


Update on DOL Overtime Rule and Related Activity


NATaT publishes a weekly update on federal legislation:


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Jan 12 2017

Registration for the upcoming OTA Winter Conference is now closed.  On-site registration will be available each day at the conference. 

Nov 29 2016

Senate Bill 235, introduced by Senator Bill Coley (R-Cincinnati) and Bill Beagle (R-Dayton) would exempt from property tax the increased value of property on which industrial or commercial development is planned until construction of new commercial or...

Nov 23 2016

Courtesy of Ice Miller LLP   In a stunning turn of events, a Texas federal district court has entered a preliminary nationwide injunction against the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) updated "white collar" overtime regulations. (Nevada v. U.S....