How to Become a Member of the OTA

The Ohio Township Association has more than 5,000 active members, made up of trustees and fiscal officers from Ohio’s 1,308 townships, and more than 4,000 associate members. The annual membership drive is conducted through the 87 County Township Associations (CTA).

Besides OTA dues, most County Township Associations require a supplemental fee for active and associate membership in their association. The fee is based on events offered to CTA members throughout the year. Some counties host events like ice cream socials or a fish fry, which are paid for through their annual dues.

NOTE: If you are a current member directed to this page after encountering issues creating your membership profile for the first time, please refer to this article

Types of Memberships

There are two types of membership in the OTA:

  • Active: Available only to elected township officials. Dues are $40 per year and members receive the OTA monthly newsletter, bimonthly magazine and discounts at the OTA conference. Members also receive access to partner programs, such as those sponsored by the Ohio Township Association Risk Management Authority (OTARMA), the Public Employee Benefits Association (PEBA), and Bureau of Workers’ Compensation discounts through CareWorksComp and CareWorks. Active members can access members-only content on the OTA's website.
  • Associate: May be available to any person or company interested in township government, through their County Township Associations. Townships are encouraged to sign up all township employees, including zoning inspectors, administrators, cemetery superintendents and police and fire chiefs, as associate members. County officials, such as prosecutors and engineers, and vendors are also common associate members. OTA associate dues are $10 per year, and members receive the Ohio Township News magazine and are eligible to attend the OTA conference and seminars at a discounted rate.
If you would like to become a member of the OTA, contact your County Township Association's county membership coordinator.

Find My Coordinator

Membership Drive Deadline

The OTA’s annual membership drive concludes June 30 each year. Membership in the OTA is on an individual basis and dues are collected at the county level through County Township Associations (see "Find My Coordinator" above). If your township has not received a request for updated information from your county membership coordinator, please email or call 614-863-0045.

Membership Awards

Three OTA membership awards are given each year, including Most Associate Members, Highest Percent Increase and Highest Raw Number Increase. The winning counties receive a plaque at the Annual Winter Conference and a free one-page advertisement in the Ohio Township News magazine.

Congratulations to these 2020 membership award winners:
  • Highest Overall Number – Van Wert County with 230 associates
  • Highest Percent Increase - Hardin County with a 54 percent increase
  • Highest Raw Number Increase - Hardin County with 15 new associates