County Township Associations

Read below for information about County Township Assocations.

The Ohio Township Association is comprised of 87 County Township Associations (CTAs), which serve as liaisons between the statewide organization and the fiscal officers and trustees in their respective counties. Each county in Ohio, with the exception of Cuyahoga, has a County Township Association that acts as a local representative for the OTA. The CTAs provide one channel of communication between the OTA and the general membership, and the OTA is only as strong as the CTAs are active.

The OTA will be posting an updated County Directory on this page at the beginning of each month. To access the newest version of the PDF, please click here or on the image below.

As different areas of the state face varying challenges at the local level, the CTAs offer an intermediate level of support for townships in each county. They also serve as the primary conduit through which information flows from the OTA to the townships, and vice-versa. Officers for County Township Associations include a president, vice president, secretary-treasurer, and executive committee member.

Membership for the OTA is organized through the CTAs. Any township official, Ohio resident, or business that wishes to join the OTA must do so through their local CTA. These folks help support the work of the CTAs and enjoy the benefits of OTA associate membership.


Besides an annual membership drive, CTAs hold social and business meetings that address specific countywide concerns, and they can provide networking and development opportunities for the township officials in each county. The OTA encourages CTAs to hold at least four meetings annually, with one focused on county officials and state legislators.

Local organizations are called on to assist the OTA and participate in countywide lobbying efforts for legislation of importance to township government, and communicating local legislative needs to the OTA.

CTAs typically provide volunteers at the annual OTA Winter Conference and help plan educational workshops, OTA one-day sessions and regional meetings. CTAs work with local media outlets; participate in countywide events, such as providing a booth at their county fair; and plan events, whenever possible, around Township Day each Feb. 1.