OTA Staff


The OTA staff is committed to helping our members preserve and promote township government. Our dedicated staff assists by providing legislative advocacy, education and training, research, quality programs, and greater awareness and understanding of the township form of government.
  • Heidi Fought
    Heidi Fought
    Executive Director OTA
    Executive Director
  • Kelli Bailey
    Kelli Bailey
    Office & Membership Coordinator OTA (614)863-0045
    Office & Membership Coordinator
  • Anne Beauch
    Anne Beauch
    Director of Communications OTA (614)863-0045
    Director of Communications
  • Kyle A. Brooks
    Kyle A. Brooks
    Director of Governmental Affairs OTA (614)863-0045
    Director of Governmental Affairs
  • Carolyn Brown
    Carolyn Brown
    Accounts Manager OTA
    Accounts Manager
  • Tyler Lovelace
    Tyler Lovelace
    Public Relations & Events Coordinator OTA (614)863-0045
    Public Relations & Events Coordinator
  • Michael Zaky
    Michael Zaky
    Director of Education & Events OTA (614)863-0045
    Director of Education & Events