Legislative Alerts

Legislative Alerts

The Ohio Township Association periodically sends legislative alerts via email to members. These alerts explain important issues at the General Assembly, provide timely information on various topics, ask questions posed to the OTA by members of the General Assembly or state agencies, and provide critical messages requesting grassroots support. The legislative alert is a member benefit of the OTA. If you are a current member and have provided an email to the OTA, you will automatically be added to the legislative alert list.

Want to confirm you are receiving legislative alerts? Visit your member compass, then click on "Profile." From there, scroll down to the "Legislative Alert" section and make sure that "Yes" is selected. Make sure to hit "save" at the top of the screen to confirm any changes made on the page. View the clip below to follow along.

Visual instructions for updating legislative lert settings in the member compass. For assistance with this, please call the OTA office.

For issues with or questions on the legislative alert, please contact the OTA office at 614-863-0045.

Note: If you are a member and not receiving the Legislative Alert, but you have received it in the past, please check your spam folder to ensure the emails are not being filtered.

OTA members, once logged in, can click here to view past issues of the OTA's Legislative Alert.