Board of Directors

The Ohio Township Association is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of four officers and 16 directors. Board elections are held every other year at the association's Annual Winter Conference.

Photo of the 2024-2025 Board of Directors

Board members work with OTA staff to oversee the direction of the OTA and the management of its finances. Each Board member serves on at least one OTA committee, and members meet at four yearly meetings (held in Columbus), as well as at the annual winter conference. Board members are expected to be present at their county's township association meetings (and the meetings of their neighboring counties) to facilitate and encourage networking, resource awareness, and more. Board members are tasked with seeking the best for all of Ohio's townships, whether that be through outreach efforts, legislative advocacy in partnership with the OTA, township networking, or other methods.

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  • Scott Fabian
    Scott Fabian
    Trustee Jefferson County - Steubenville Township (740)284-0751
  • Ron Miller
    Ron Miller
    Trustee Crawford County - Holmes Township (419)569-9920
    First Vice President
  • Carl Mangun
    Carl Mangun
    Trustee Carroll County - Augusta Township (330)323-6921
    Second Vice President
  • Gary Salmon
    Gary Salmon
    Trustee Butler County - Oxford Township (513)523-3280


  • Joshua Gerth
    Joshua Gerth
    Trustee Hamilton County - Anderson Township (513)688-8400
  • Ed Good
    Ed Good
    Trustee Belmont County - Mead Township (740)312-8411
  • Barbara Greuey
    Barbara Greuey
    Fiscal Officer Morgan County - Malta Township (740)962-2455
  • Barbara Lang
    Barbara Lang
    Trustee Lucas County - Monclova Township (419)491-8143
  • Amy Lucci
    Amy Lucci
    Trustee Lake County - Concord Township (216)339-8113
  • Scott Miller
    Scott Miller
    Trustee Greene County - Xenia Township (937)271-1687
  • Chris Nichols
    Chris Nichols
    Trustee Stark County - Canton Township (330)484-2501
  • Dennis Nicodemus
    Dennis Nicodemus
    Trustee Franklin County - Truro Township (614)866-0552
  • Chris Norman
    Chris Norman
    Fiscal Officer Scioto County - Nile Township (740)727-2038
  • Tom Shay
    Tom Shay
    Fiscal Officer Trumbull County - Braceville Township (330)872-0085
  • Robert Trowbridge
    Robert Trowbridge
    Trustee Fulton County - York Township (419)822-6664
  • Mark Van Buren
    Mark Van Buren
    Trustee Licking County - Harrison Township (740)404-8656
  • Reneé Vaughan
    Reneé Vaughan
    Trustee Delaware County - Genoa Township (614)738-7323
  • Lavon Verity
    Lavon Verity
    Fiscal Officer Marion County - Pleasant Township (740)341-9555
  • Mary Makley Wolff
    Mary Makley Wolff
    Trustee Clermont County - Miami Township (513)248-3725