Ohio Township Association Legislative Priorities

The Ohio Township Association's Officers and Board of Directors regularly adopt legislative priorities for which the OTA advocates on behalf of its members. The priorities consist of issues that are of importance to Ohio townships and will significantly impact the efficiency of township government. Many of the issues in the priorities come from OTA members in townships across the state. 

134th G.A. Adjourns, 135th G.A. Begins

On December 15, the 134th General Assembly (G.A.) adjourned. Prior to the adjournment, over 20 bills were passed and sent to the Governor for his signature. Below are several of the bills that passed that impact townships.

HB 501 Township Laws (Hall, T.) To make various township law changes, to subject small solar facilities to local regulation, and to make an exception to the Uniform Depository Act for the treasurer and governing board that is a member of the Little Miami Joint Fire and Rescue District for certain investments of interim funds.
OTA Supports; bill will be effective 90 days after the Governor signs

Specifically, HB 501 makes the following changes:

  • Simplifies the donation process a township must follow for unneeded or obsolete property valued below $2,500
  • Ensures that all township employees are protected when reporting unlawful activity in the workplace
  • Expands the ability to townships to use a redevelopment tax increment financing (TIF) district
  • Permits a board of trustees to appoint a deputy fiscal officer to temporarily fill the office of fiscal officer when a vacancy occurs
  • Permits a board of trustees to amend the township’s budget to hire a fiscal assistant
  • Permits a board of trustees that offers a deferred compensation program or plan to employees to establish a designated Roth account feature
  • Permits counties, townships, and municipalities to regulate small solar facilities of less than 50 megawatts
  • Permits a board of township trustees to expend general revenue funds to support the expansion of broadband projects
  • Provides, in temporary law, a special investment provision that applies only to the Little Miami Joint Fire and Rescue District

The OTA thanks Rep. Hall for his sponsorship and championing the measure through the General Assembly. We also thank the members of the Ohio Senate and House for their approval.

HB 458 Election Laws (Hall, T.) To modify the law governing voter identification and absent voting, eliminates the August special election for most instances, and other aspects of the Election Law and to make changes regarding driver's licenses and state identification cards.
OTA Opposed; bill will be effective 90 days after the Governor signs

All bills that did not make their way through the legislative process must be reintroduced in the 135th G.A., which begins January 3rd. The OTA’s 135th Legislative Priorities as adopted by the OTA Board of Directors are in the Jan/Feb Ohio Township News, as well as listed below. This document will serve as our guide for legislative matters over the next two years.

As entities of statue, it is important for members of the G.A. to thoroughly understand the dynamic issues that confront townships. Ohio legislators are provided with the OTA legislative priorities at the start of the G.A., and are encouraged to reference them when drafting legislation that affects townships. The priorities are the legislative platform for the OTA, setting forth the Association's positions on key issues. 

Has your township recently encountered an issue that isn't addressed in the priorities? Let us hear from you! Contact the OTA office at 614-863-0045.