Senate Select Committee on Housing

Zoning Rights of Townships Talking Points

Committee Report 4/17/2024


The committee held traveling hearings around the state and then compiled findings into a report that was released on April 17, 2024. The 94-page report includes recommendations to the General Assembly to solve the housing crisis. As a result, four bills have been introduced to the General Assembly. As the OTA reviews the legislation, it intends to ensure that township zoning remains intact and that these attacks do not result in any legislation that could infringe on the rights of township government

On September 26, OTA Executive Director Heidi M. Fought testified before the committee opposing the idea that statewide zoning is the best solution for the housing crisis. She identified housing barriers such as the drastic increases in home affordability, inflation, and outdated building codes. She shared the efforts made by the OTA to encourage development, such as financial aid for communities to update comprehensive land use plans, a request to alter the way water and sewer services are provided to Ohioans, and additional economic development tools be given to townships. View this testimony below.

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See the links below for more information on the Ohio Legislature's website, including proponent and opponent testimonies, a summary of the bill, and more.

Senate Select Committee on Housing

OTA Senate Housing Committee Testimony

Watch the OTA's opponent testimony from the September 26, 2023, Senate Select Committee hearing on Housing below. If the video does not load, click here to view the video on the Ohio Channel.