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As of March 1, 2021, CareWorks Comp merged with and became known as Sedgwick. Sedgwick's commitment to Ohio employers remains as strong as ever. With more than 3,000 colleagues in Ohio, we will continue to offer workers' compensation program solutions to help you mitigate risk and reduce costs.

At Sedgwick, taking care of people is at the heart of everything we do because caring counts®. Under the Sedgwick name, our team will continue to provide the best possible service and outcomes and deliver on our mission of taking care of townships and township employees. You can learn more about Sedgwick – a leading global provider of technology-enabled risk, benefits, and integrated business solutions – at sedgwick.com.

There will be no staff changes as a result of this merger. Townships will continue to receive the same compassionate, consistent, and quality service from the same team you've been working with at CareWorks Comp.

Sedgwick looks forward to a continued and strong partnership with the Ohio Township Association.

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Save Significantly on Your Workers' Compensation Premium

Did you know that many alternative discounts are available to help reduce your annual Ohio workers' compensation costs? Through the Ohio Township Association's workers' compensation program, your township can significantly reduce its workers' compensation costs through a variety of alternative rating programs. Our program, administered by Sedgwick, offers you quality service and stability through the complex workers' compensation environment.

For over 50 years, Sedgwick has been helping employers navigate Ohio's workers' compensation system, providing services to help them control claim-related costs and reduce premiums. Our team includes experienced colleagues from CareWorks Comp and CompManagement. The two companies merged and are now Sedgwick. Together, Sedgwick serves nearly 65,000 Ohio employers, including organizations of all sizes operating in various industries across the state. Group rating programs administered by Sedgwick have produced over $4 billion in savings since group rating was introduced in 1991. Their group retrospective programs have returned over $630 million in premium refunds since the program began in 2009.

If your organization is not yet participating in this member benefit and you would like to receive a free, no-obligation analysis from Sedgwick, email our Program Director, Paul Feck, at paul.feck@sedgwick.com.

Contact Sedgwick:

Paul Feck, ARM
Director, Client Services
Phone: 614.906.0535
Email: paul.feck@sedgwick.com
Website: www.sedgwick.com/ohiotpa