Who We Are

The Ohio Township Association is a statewide organization dedicated to promoting and preserving township government through educational forums and lobbying efforts. The association was founded on June 28, 1928, and is organized in 87 of the 88 counties (Cuyahoga County only has two townships). The OTA has more than 5,200 active members, made up of trustees and fiscal officers from Ohio's 1,308 townships, and more than 2,000 associate members and 990 affiliate members.


One of the OTA's primary purposes is to secure - from the Ohio General Assembly – legislation that will enable township government to function more efficiently and to resist any effort that deprives townships of any rights, duties, or privileges that they now possess. The Association accomplishes this by tracking legislation and educating members of the General Assembly on township issues. A weekly Legislative Alert is sent via email with important legislative information.


Training and Networking

Training is very important to our membership due to the technical nature of the duties of a trustee and fiscal officer. By providing several trainings and events throughout the year and at the OTA Winter Conference, we aim to teach our members about the many laws that govern townships, how to become better government officials, and encourage them to network with other members to learn better ways to accomplish township tasks.


Providing the Latest Updates

On a monthly basis, there are many issues that affect townships. Making sure that these government officials get this information and understand it is a very important function of the OTA. Through our bimonthly magazine, the Ohio Township News, our monthly newsletter, Grassroots Clippings, and other publications, we strive to provide our members with the latest in legislation, grants, trainings, and programs to help them best succeed for their township.


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