2011 JD 5101E Tractor - Nottingham Township, Harrison County

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2011 JD 5101 E Tractor
Nottingham Township, Harrison County

  • Self-leveling loader
  • Rear wheel weights
  • Dual hydraulic remotes
  • 4WD, pre-emission
  • Cab, heat air, and radio
  • 12x12 LHR
  • 5,350 hours
  • Minimum bid: $25,000

Nottingham Township is selling a used 2011 JD 5101E tractor. For questions, call or text Jon Jones at 740-391-1246. Trustees will open sealed bids on June 17, 2024, at 7:30 p.m. at their regular meeting at 38465 Brushyfork Road, Cadiz, Ohio 43907. Bids must be in an envelope marked “Tractor Bid.” Send sealed bids to:

Nottingham Township Trustees
81299 Redeye Rd
Freeport, OH 43973

See a photo below.

2011 JD 5101E Tractor