Culvert Sliplining Survey


The following research survey announcement from ODOT’s Office of Hydraulic Engineering is being forwarded for distribution.  The intended local agency participants include Ohio County Engineers and City Engineers.


Culvert sliplining is a common rehabilitation method that inserts a smaller conduit into a larger host conduit with annulus void fill material placed between the conduits. This rehabilitation method requires care when placing the fill material to ensure the liner conduit does not float or deform due to hydrostatic pressure and that it completely fills the annulus void. Current void fill operations have been found to not completely fill the annulus between the host and liner pipe, however this is not always detected during construction. ODOT Districts have reported an absence of annulus void fill material in previously rehabilitated culverts that were discovered several years after construction when a bulkhead had been displaced or removed. ODOT is conducting a research project to develop a construction and material specification for annulus void fill material and void fill operations.

The University of Akron is conducting this research for the Department. Please complete the questionnaire by clicking here. A response by June 8, 2020 would be greatly appreciated.