Local governments that received a DUNS and registered it with SAM for the first time to receive the Coronavirus Relief Funds may be receiving a notification in the coming months to renew their registration. SAM requires a renewal annually and the renewal process is FREE.

Be aware that fraudsters are looking for all angles to take advantage of the current pandemic and the increase in federal funds being distributed. At the beginning of the pandemic, a federal granting agency alerted the State of a fraudulent website that has the look and feel of the System for Award Management (SAM) site.

It also is important to note that it is free to renew your SAM registration. Carefully review all expiration email notices that indicate your SAM is about to expire. Do not follow any redirect links, and do not provide personal information to those who request money to update your registration. You should go directly to to renew.

  • OBM has been alerted to a company in Florida that sends e-mails from Renewal Support ( and indicates your SAM registration is about to expire.
  • Another company OBM was alerted to out of Texas is also sending out notifications that mimic the SAM logo and look official. These emails are sent from Renewal Support (
  • These emails typically have your specific registration information in areas like the subject line or within the body that are gleaned from the public search in This information may make a reader believe it is an official e-mail from SAM, but it will redirect you to a professional renewal service to update your registration for a fee.

Updating the SAM is easy and free, so please do not pay someone to update your information.

If you have any issues or concerns navigating the SAM process, please feel free to reach out to the Ohio Grants Partnership at