FREE WEBINAR: Asphalt Mix Overlay Alternative for Low Volume Roads on Local Transportation System


Date: June 17, 2021

Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm (ET)

Researchers: Dr. Ala Abbas, (The University of Akron)

Location: Go-To-Webinar 


Pavement resurfacing for low-volume roads with extensive cracking is an issue faced by many local public agencies (LPAs) in Ohio. Current options range from chip sealing, which is generally not effective if used on a pavement surface in a poor condition, to full-depth reclamation. While the latter option might provide a more durable surface, it is prohibitively expensive for most LPAs especially for roads with very low traffic volumes.

Another resurfacing option used by some counties in Ohio is motor paving with cold mix asphalt followed by chip sealing. In this process, aggregates are mixed with an asphalt emulsion in a paver and applied to the road surface. The paved surface is then compacted with a roller and choked with No. 9 aggregates. After the emulsion has cured, the surface is chip sealed. The advantage of this option is that it provides a resilient mix that conforms to the surface of the existing pavement. While counties using this resurfacing option have reported positive results, the required motor paver equipment is not widely available in Ohio, making this option expensive for some LPAs.  This research project aimed to identify or develop a practical method for designing a well-performing asphalt mixture for use on low-volume local roads with severe cracking that has comparable performance to a cold-laid, motor paver mixture, can be produced in existing asphalt plants, and can be placed using conventional paving equipment available in Ohio.


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