Gov. DeWine Signs Twp Omnibus Bill


Governor DeWine has officially inked House Bill 444, the township omnibus bill. The bill contains the following provisions:

  • Authorizes township use of industrial development bonds;
  • Requires municipalities to provide notice to townships before a vote to conform boundaries;
  • Harmonizes township nuisance statutes;
  • Allows a political subdivision to switch from bonds to a faithful performance of duty policy when officers are mid-term;
  • Provides parameters for when a township must take ownership of a cemetery;
  • Allows anyone authorized to drive an ambulance to bring the vehicle to the scene, provided that they are meeting an EMT, AEMT, or paramedic;
  • Allows special improvement districts to be created within territory of noncontiguous townships or municipalities;
  • Clarifies when a levy can commence;
  • Corrects a specific property tax abatement issue; and
  • Includes Cross Creek Township as one of the locations for the Jefferson County Court.

The bill will be effective April 9, 2021.

Additionally, among others, the Governor has signed:

  • House Bill 264, sponsored by Representatives Shane Wilkin and Michael O’Brien, refinances loans for water and waste water infrastructure projects.
  • House Bill 295, sponsored by Representative Jim Hoops, establishes requirements for low-speed electric scooters.
  • House Bill 308, sponsored by Representative Tom Patton, concerns workers’ compensation and disability retirement for PTSD.
  • House Bill 665, sponsored by Representatives Don Jones and Shane Wilkin, addresses agricultural societies and amusement ride safety.
  • Senate Bill 33, sponsored by Senator Frank Hoagland, modifies criminal and civil law for critical infrastructure damage.