Jefferson Township Board of Trustees Request for Statements of Qualification

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Jefferson Township Board of Trustees Request for Statements of Qualifcation

To Be Used for Pre-Qualification of Design Professionals

The Jefferson Township Board of Trustees intends to compile a list of pre-qualified architectural firms based on the responding firms’ competence to perform the required architectural design services as indicated by the technical training, education, and experience of the firm's personnel, especially the technical training, education, and experience of the employees within the firm who would be assigned to perform the services.

Professional Design Services

The Township anticipates that it may require the services of a professional architectural design firm at some point in the next year. Specifically, the responding firms will be evaluated for their ability to provide final plans, specifications, bid documents and related services for projects related to construction of township facilities, including fire stations. The Township anticipates that such projects will require services provided by a registered architect, possibly working together with other disciplines.

Contractor Selection Process/Schedule

Request for Qualifications Issue Date:           October 21, 2021

Statements of Qualifications Due:                  November 19, 2021

Submission Requirements

  • The Name(s) of Individual(s) Available to Complete Such Work
  • Relevant Experience and Qualifications of Firm and Individuals to be Directly Involved, including technical training, education and specific project experience (Include the dates of listed projects and contact information for each project owner.)

Statement of Qualifications Submission

Proposals must be received by Chief Snyder by 4:30PM on November 19, 2021. An electronic copy (via email or thumb drive) and one printed copy must be transmitted to the addresses included below.

Submit Statements of Qualification to:

Jefferson Township Board of Trustees

c/o Chief Chris Snyder

Jefferson Township Fire Department

745 West Main Street

West Jefferson, Ohio 43167