Office of Farmland Preservation: Local Sponsor Certification Open Thru Oct. 9


Counties, soil & water conservation districts, land trusts, cities and townships are invited to apply to the Office of Farmland Preservation for Local Sponsor Certification. Local sponsors apply for certification, accept landowner applications and help secure easements in the Local Agricultural Easement Purchase Program (LAEPP). 

The LAEPP has a two-tier application process. The first application is referred to as the Local Sponsor Certification Application process. During this process cities, counties, townships, soil and water conservation districts and non-profit organizations such as land trusts are eligible to become certified local sponsors. In the second part of the application process, landowners apply through Certified Local Sponsors using an online application on the ODA website. Each local sponsor receives a portion of the Clean Ohio funds appropriated that year to purchase easements from the highest scoring applicants in their area.

The Application for Local Sponsor Certification is open from August 19, 2020 through October 9, 2020. Any organization interested in being a local sponsor for the 2021 landowner application year must apply during this time period. The application and FAQs are available here. 

Additional resources for the Local Sponsor Certification Application include the following and are available at the link above:

Average Market Value Map (Question G02 - CAUV)

Average Farm Size Chart (Question G03 - Acres)

County Development Pressure Map (Question G04 - Dev Pressure)