Ohio Township Association Supports Final Version of Ohio’s Transportation Budget


The transportation bill includes priorities for townships, items advocated for by the OTA.

BLACKLICK, Ohio - The Ohio Township Association (OTA) supports the transportation bill passed by the Ohio legislature today, legislation that prioritizes provisions for townships across the state and provides vital funding for the state’s transportation infrastructure. The bill contains priorities for which the OTA advocated consistently, providing Ohio townships support to continue serving their residents and avoiding the loss of transportation funding that was previously anticipated.

The transportation budget bill, also known as House Bill 62, contained the following provisions that were supported by the OTA: 

•    A 10.5 cent increase on gasoline and a 19 cent increase on diesel, effective July 1st;
•    55/45 split between the state and local governments;
•    CNG charged at the diesel rate phased in over 5 years;
•    A registration fee of $200 for electric vehicles and $100 for hybrid vehicles;
•    Use of the 2003 township revenue distribution method that allocates the greater of a flat rate to all townships or a formula based on road miles and vehicle registrations;
•    The ability for townships to levy an additional, permissive $5 license fee;
•    The ability for joint ambulance districts to enter into lease-purchase agreements;
•    The ability for local officials to simultaneously serve on Transportation Improvement District boards. 

“We at the OTA place immense value on our partnerships with Governor DeWine and members of the Ohio House and Senate, and we thank them for the provisions they included in this bill for Ohio townships,” said Matthew DeTemple, OTA Executive Director. “Through their support, funding will be directed toward the maintenance of over 41,000 miles of township roads, among other significant provisions that we value highly.” 

 “I want to express the OTA’s thanks to the Governor and to the House and Senate,” said OTA Board President, Connie Fink. “These provisions emphasize the importance of local government and help restore needed resources to Ohio’s 1,308 townships.” 

With these invaluable priorities on their way to the Governor’s desk, Ohio townships will receive additional funding as they work to serve township residents and to preserve the township form of government.