Orange Township To Use Drones for Emergency Situations

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Orange Township in Delaware County is taking strides toward significant technological advancements, testing out a 90-day pilot program for drone usage during emergencies. Paladin Drones is a Houston-based company with local connections, with a CEO who is a former township resident and a graduate of Olentangy Schools. He recently reached out to the township fire department and proposed the test program, allowing Orange Township to be a leader in drone experimentation. 

During the pilot program, the drone will be used solely by the fire department, but in the future, the township hopes to utilize the technology for EMS, police and other emergency services. The drone is auto-piloted, but a pilot will work 40 hours per week and will be capable of a manual override. 

Through the use of drones, emergency services will be able to gain a very quick visual inspection of a situation, determining the amount of support needed and providing an “eye in the sky.” Orange Township will undoubtedly benefit from this program, which may open the doors for more Ohio townships in the future to implement such technological advancements.

First published in the July/August 2019 issue of the Ohio Township News magazine. Contact Sarah at with any questions or for reprint permissions.