Senate Bill 91

Ohio Bill Tracker,

Regarding fraud, waste, and abuse of public funds.

The OTA supports this bill.

Status: On Wednesday, May 31, the OTA Director of Governmental Affairs testified in the Senate Government Oversight Committee in support of the bill. This bill was passed by the Senate with a vote of 32-0 on June 28, 2023. The bill has been introduced to the house and is awaiting committee assignment.

See links below for more information on the Ohio Legislature's website, such as proponent and opponent testimonies, a summary of the bill, and more. 

Senate Bill 91

Senate Vote

OTA Proponent Testimony

Watch the OTA's proponent testimony from the May 31, 2023, Senate Government Oversight Committee hearing on SB91 below. If the video does not load, click here to view the video on the Ohio Channel.