The OTA Needs Your Help! Force Account Limits Data Needed

The OTA Needs Your Help!

As the OTA is advocating for force account limit increases, it is extremely important that we have data to present to the committee on this issue.

We need to show the real world impact this change would make for Ohio townships.

The Joint Committee on Force Accounts, created under HB 74 (transportation budget) to examine statutory force account limits for local governments, is scheduled to start receiving testimony this week. The committee is requesting the following information:

  • What road projects a township is capable of completing under the current limits ($45,000 per project for maintenance and repair and $15,000 per mile for construction and reconstruction);
  • What road projects a township would be capable of completing if the limits were increased; and
  • The impact on the cost of construction materials resulting from the current limits.
The OTA needs your assistance in providing information to the committee. Please send the OTA any available information on the cost of your projects, cost increases and impacts over time, and how an increase to the force account limit would affect your capacity.

Information can be sent by contacting our office

Additionally, if you are interested in testifying before the committee, please email OTA Executive Director Heidi Fought.

The next committee meeting is Thursday, April 29, at 1:00 p.m.