Township Administrator

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Location: Orange Township, Delaware County

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Township Administrator




Orange Township

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Full Time

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Notification and Disclaimer

This position description is presented for informational purposes only and can be changed at any time by the Board of Township Trustees of Orange Township, with or without notice. This position description is not an employment contract, express or implied. The Township Administrator is an employee at-will and either the employee or Orange Township can terminate the employment relationship at any time (for any reason or no reason). No representative of Orange Township has the authority to enter into an agreement with an employee that is contrary to the foregoing.


The Township Administrator (“Administrator”) is appointed by the Board of Township Trustees (“Board”), serves at the pleasure of the Board and functions as the administrative head of the Township under the direction and supervision of the Board. The Administrator is responsible for overseeing and directing the general operations of Orange Township, including the delivery of services to residents and the efficient operation of Township Departments. This individual is also responsible for informing and advising the Board on matters affecting the Township. In addition, this individual is responsible for implementing the policies of the Board. The work schedule requires flexible hours as the individual may be required to attend evening meetings. This individual must be able to deal firmly, tactfully and courteously with all other Orange Township offices and departments, as well as with the public. This is a full time exempt at-will appointment.

Job Description

Essential Job Functions (May not include all job duties performed):

  • Performing any and all duties and responsibilities as needed and demonstrating a high degree of self-direction and professionalism in performance of the duties and responsibilities of the position, all as generally outlined in the Ohio Revised Code Section 505.032 and this position description.
  • Assisting in the administration, enforcement and execution of the policies and resolutions of the Board.
  • Supervising and directing the activities of the affairs of the departments of Township government under the control or jurisdiction of the Board.
  • Attending all meetings of the Board at which their attendance is required by that body.
  • Recommending measures for adoption to the Board.
  • Preparing and submitting reports as required by the Board, or as the Administrator deems advisable.
  • Keeping the Board fully advised on the financial conditions of the Township.
  • Performing such additional duties as the Board may determine by resolution, including but not limited to participation in other Township, County and Community boards, as directed by the Board.
  • Overseeing the implementation of the Township’s multimillion-dollar annual budget; preparing and submitting a budget for the next fiscal year.
  • Demonstrating a comprehensive and professional knowledge of public administration, government structure and process, employee relations, office practices and procedures and public relations.
  • Serving as representative of the Board at intergovernmental cooperative committees or bodies of commissions.
  • Continuing proficiency in subject area through professional continuing education.
  • Consistently demonstrating the ability to apply progressive management principles to plan and implement department goals and objectives.
  • Developing strategic plans as requested by the Board.
  • Accurately projecting requirements and controlling expenditures within budgeting guidelines.
  • Instructing and counseling staff and clients to ensure departmental organization and maintenance of information and documentation.
  • Effectively planning independently and in collaboration with other staff units and outside agencies.
  • Monitoring, auditing and approving expenditures of Township funds to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, rules and approved budgetary guidelines.
  • Working with the Human Resources Director and Office Manager to research complaints from citizens and address public inquiries.
  • Directing the performance evaluation process for non-bargaining employees of the Township.
  • Making recommendations regarding personnel decisions to the Board.
  • Preparing, reviewing and submitting budgets.
  • Serving as the Board’s representative in collective bargaining agreement negotiations.
  • Assisting in general duties of annual and ongoing projects.
  • Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations relating to Township government and operations.
  • Supervising Township projects; making recommendations to the Board on future physical facility needs.
  • Performing in accordance with Orange Township Personnel Policies and Procedures, Orange Township Fiscal Office policies and procedures, resolutions of the Board and State and Federal law.
  • Developing and maintaining effective working relationships with the Board, supervised department heads, employees, other elected officials and the general public.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Board.

Non-Essential Functions:

  • Presenting programs to the community on related issues to various
  • Attending Board or other Township meetings, as required by the
  • Serving as a representative of Orange Township when attending conferences, trainings and other events within or outside of Orange
  • Performing other duties as assigned by the Board

Non-Essential Functions:

  • Presenting programs to the community on related issues to various audiences.
  • Attending Board or other Township meetings, as required by the Board.
  • Serving as a representative of Orange Township when attending conferences, trainings and other events within or outside of Orange Township.
  • Performing other duties as assigned by the Board.

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration, Business, Finance or related field. Master’s degree is preferred.
  • Five years of experience in supervising employees required.
  • Five or more years’ experience in an administrative position, such as Township Administrator, City Manager or equivalent experience in County or Municipal organizations. Public Administration is preferred.
  • Must have comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of public administration along with finance, planning, organization and personnel policies, procedures and practices.
  • Must possess a valid State of Ohio Driver's License and acceptable driving record, with constant maintenance of eligibility to operate a motor vehicle under the acceptability standards of the vehicle liability insurance carrier of Orange Township.
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills.
  • Satisfactory completion of a background investigation, drug screening, physical examination and PRADCO assessment.
  • Mandatory attendance at all meetings of the Board.
  • Must be eligible for a fidelity bond at ordinary rates.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Thorough knowledge of public administration and finance; management; employee relations; office practices and procedures, budgeting and public relations.
  • Thorough knowledge of supervisory and management principles and techniques.
  • Thorough knowledge of strategic and long-term planning, program planning and development, financial/budgetary planning and management.
  • Thorough knowledge of labor relations, human resources fundamentals, labor law, public lobbying, personnel management and staff development.
  • Shall have the ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to understand and execute complex oral and written instructions and to prepare clear and comprehensive reports, technical reports and procedures.
  • Ability to make sound judgments, establish facts and draw valid conclusions and accept responsibility for actions.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship with government officials, employees and the general public.
  • Ability to gather, analyze and interpret data and a wide variety of technical reports and journals.• Ability to effectively delegate duties and responsibility where necessary.
  • Ability to plan, organize, prioritize, coordinate and evaluate employees.
  • Ability to manage capital improvement projects.
  • Ability to monitor and direct several unrelated projects at once.
  • Ability to work with the Fiscal Officer and staff to maintain Township records, demographic information, maps, safety and maintenance records on all Township Buildings and maintain and secure Township files.
  • Ability, in accordance with law, to coordinate and perform necessary activities and procedures during an emergency situation in the absence of the Board.
  • Ability to secure grant funds.
  • Ability to handle sensitive inquiries and contacts from Officials and the general public in accordance with law and established Township policy.
  • Ability to work independently, under pressure, and to set and achieve goals with little supervision.
  • Ability to effectively plan independently and in collaboration with other staff units and outside agencies.
  • Ability to physically move between various Township building and properties.
  • A working proficiency with Microsoft Office programs (Word, etc.)
  • Constantly observe safety oriented occupational and work habits.

Difficulty of Work:

This position exists primarily to: determine long range planning; identify trends; and oversee proposals of department managers and supervisors; manage the fiscal, maintenance, personnel, and operational functions of the Township; evaluate program effectiveness and make necessary changes to ensure quality and reliability of services; and interface with Township departments and elected officials with regard to development of the Township. Decisions and activities of this position have a direct and significant impact on a major segment of the Township economy, the public and the management of Orange Township government. This position has considerable decision-making latitude and authority to implement such decisions.Decisions are made based upon State and Federal laws, regulations and policies of the Board. Authority, unless established by law or statute, is delegated by the Board.

Personal Work Relationships:

The Administrator has contact with co-workers, employees and the general public. The Administrator will also communicate with the public. The Administrator is responsible for maintaining a positive working relationship with elected and appointed officials, supervisors, co-workers, government agencies, developers, and other individuals and entities.


The Board provides direction in performing the duties and responsibilities of this position. The Administrator makes general decisions regarding work independently, keeping the Board apprised of actions and recommendations. Guidance is provided by Township personnel code, Board resolutions, Ohio Revised Code and local, state and federal laws. Work consists of complex, varied, standardized and non-standardized tasks requiring application of numerous laws, rules, regulations, and procedures. The Administrator supervises subordinates, assigns projects, checks on progress of work and evaluates results. The Board randomly reviews work, both in process and upon completion, to ensure accuracy, thoroughness, high quality of service and results obtained. Supervision extends over all employees of the departments and, more specifically, the management of staff of the Administrative Department. It must be understood that errors in work may affect the work of others and require the diversion and expenditure of time and resources to correct. In addition, errors in work are not readily detectable and could result in serious injury and possible death.

Physical Effort:

Physical requirements are as determined by the Job Analysis as performed by WorkHealth and are on file with the Township.

Revised: 05/18/2021