Townships Awarded AFG & AFG-S Firefighter Grants

Township Stories ,
Twp.of Jackson
Chesapeake-Union Twp.
Volunteer Fire Department

Jefferson Twp.
Coventry Twp.
Elyria Twp.
Twp. of Nimishillen
Plain Twp. Fire Department
Twp. of Pleasant
Twp. of Chester
Twp. of Scioto
Warren Twp.
Camden Somers Twp. Fire
Kingsville Twp. Fire Department
Twp. of Goshen
Bazetta Twp.
Butler Twp. Trustees
Springfield Twp.
Margaretta Twp.
Fairfield Twp.
York Twp. Volunteer Fire Department
Sheffield Twp. Fire Department
Franklin Twp. Fire And EMS
Spring Valley Twp. Fire Department
College Twp. Knox County
Jefferson Twp., Crawford County
Bristol Twp.
Champion Twp
Saint Clair Twp. Fire Department
Joint Fire District Pleasant Hill-Newton Twp.
Green Camp Twp. Fire Department
Liverpool Twp.
Olive Twp. Volunteer Fire Department
Harlan Twp. Fire & Rescue

This list displays just a few of the many awards townships received for either the AFG (Assistance to Firefighters Grant) or the AFG-S (Assistance to Firefighters Grant - COVID-19 Supplemental) from FEMA in 2020 and 2019.

The grants awarded to townships were largely in the Operations and Safety category, with several additional awards granted in the Vehicle Acquisition category.

To see the full list of awardees or to get more information, click here

This first appeared in the 2021 January/February issue of the Ohio Township News magazine. Contact Sarah at with any questions or for reprint permissions.