2014 Ford F550 Regular Cab Truck - Loudon Township, Seneca County

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2014 Ford F550 Regular Cab Truck
Loudon Township, Seneca County

  • 6.7 L Power Stroke Diesel
  • 20,326 miles
  • Four-wheel drive, live hydraulics, 141” wheelbase
  • 9 Duraclass stainless steel bed
  • Swenson salt spreader
  • Boss 10’ Power V DXT Snow Plow
  • Minimum Bid: $50,000

Loudon Township is selling a 2014 Ford F550 Regular Cab truck. Interested parties can submit a closed, sealed bid in person or by mail until 7:45 p.m. on August 28, 2024. Bids will be opened at 8:00 p.m.

Bids must be clearly marked “2014 Truck Bid” on the outside of the sealed envelope. Name of person or entity, phone number, and address must be on the bid. Anyone submitting a bid will have an opportunity to raise the bid when bids are opened. The truck will be sold to highest bidder.

A $2000.00 non-refundable deposit will be required, with possession upon presentation of a certified check within 14 days of the purchase. For questions or to schedule an inspection, call Greg at 419-937-1332.

Send sealed bids to:

Loudon Township Trustees
PO Box 630
Fostoria, OH 44830

 See a photo of the truck below.

Photo of 2014 Ford F550 Regular Cab Truck