House Bill 23

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To make appropriations for programs related to transportation for the biennium beginning July 1, 2023, and ending June 30, 2025, and to provide authorization and conditions for the operation of those programs.

The OTA is an interested party in this bill.

Status: This bill has been passed by the House. This bill is in the Senate Transportation Committee. The OTA provided testimony for this bill on March 7, 2023. The bill has had seven hearings so far, and the Senate Transportation Committee released their version of HB 23 on Wednesday, March 15. Changes to the House-passed version include removal of the $1B Rural Highway fund, and altering the provision prohibiting a township from operating photo enforcement cameras and, instead, restricts township use only to handheld cameras. 

See link below for more information on the Ohio Legislature's website, such as proponent and opponent testimonies, a summary of the bill, and more.

House Bill 23

OTA Interested Party Testimony

Watch the OTA's interested party testimony from the March 7, 2023 Senate Transportation Committee hearing on HB 23 below.