House and Senate Recess for Summer


House and Senate have recessed for the summer. Among the bills sent to the Governor were HB 168 (Cemetery Grants), HB 312 (Credit Card Use) and SB 299 (Lake Erie Funding, FEMA $$, Additional $$ for Twps with Nuclear Plants).

The House passed HB 500 (Twp Omnibus) by a vote of 81-0, which now heads to the Senate for hearings. Thank you Sponsor Carfagna, House Leadership and members of the Ohio House of Representatives. Rep. Carfagna, Rep. Holmes, Rep. Ginther and Rep. O’Brien spoke in favor of HB 500. To watch video of their speeches, please visit begins at 2:08:17)

For more information on each bill, please refer to the links below:
HB 168 -
HB 312 -
SB 299 -
HB 500 -