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Sourcebook - Complete Township Set

Sourcebook - Complete Township Set

1 Fiscal Officer/3 Trustee/1 Personnel/ 1 Zoning

The Trustee Sourcebook examines those responsibilities relevant to the offi ce, including: streets and highways, buildings and structures,  general welfare and public utilities, land, township revenues and expenditures, and planning and development.

The focus of the Fiscal Officer Sourcebook is the Ohio Revised Code. The fiscal officer of the township is responsible for keeping accurate records of all accounts, transactions and proceedings of the township. The budget responsibilities of fiscal offi cers are defined as well.

The Zoning Sourcebook is the newest edition in the Township Sourcebook Series. It is designed to provide township offi cials with an overview of township planning and zoning, related issues and recommended practices.

The  Personnel Management sourcebook is designed to provide township officials with an overview of personnel management functions, issues, and recommended personnel policies and procedures.

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