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Sign Regulations - What Do We Need to Do?

In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruling in Reed v. Town of Gilbert created problems for every community that regulated signs by mandating content-neutrality but leaving gray areas about to what extent. In 2022, we have some answers from a more recent SCOTUS case out of Austin, Texas, and a lot more guidance on best practices for regulating signs. We understand that the courts deemed content-based regulation unconstitutional, but to what extent? The Reed case answered one question but opened up several more that led to some gray areas that are still up for discussion. This year, we had the Austin v. Reagan SCOTUS opinion that answered one of those outstanding questions related to whether we can regulate off-premise signs differently than on-premise signs (hint: the answer is yes). The purpose of this session will be to provide an overview of these court cases and their implications on sign regulations. The session will also address some best practices in crafting sign regulations that minimize the risk to communities and an approach to help you update your sign regulations.

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