Auditor of State Phishing Advisory


Ohio Auditor of State Keith Faber is urging fiscal officers and other local officials to be extra diligent in reviewing requests to redirect payments from public accounts, as online scammers continue to target public offices.

The latest example is reported theft of more than $700,000 from the Granville Recreation District.

About two dozen public offices, including cities, villages, townships, and school districts, have been targeted by payment re-direct attacks over the past 12 months, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses to public coffers.

As part of efforts to prevent such cyber-attacks, Auditor Faber has reissued an advisory warning of the spear phishing scams and provided information on training to help protect taxpayer resources.

Please take a moment and review this advisory and the recommendations provided to avoid becoming the next victim of payment redirect scams.

Auditor of State Cybersecurity Advisory