Call to Action: HB 33 State Operating Budget


Legislative Alert & Call to Action

The Ohio Senate continues to hold hearings this week on House Bill 33 (HB 33), the state operating budget. The OTA supports many of the inclusions made by the Ohio House of Representatives to the substitute bill, but we are asking OTA members to contact their state senator about two changes:

  • Increase the Local Government fund (LGF) from the proposed 1.7% to 2.5%.

The LGF is currently 1.6% of the General Revenue Fund (GRF). However, even with the proposed increase to 1.7%, townships will receive less money in this budget than previous years due to the proposed tax cuts which will result in a lower GRF.

  • Remove the residential development property tax exemption for unimproved land.

Townships are primarily funded on property tax. This provision would exempt residential development groups from property taxes for eight years as they build on the land including sidewalks and water and sewer.

We are asking township officials to contact their state senator and express support for increasing the LGF to 2.5% and removing the residential property tax exemption for unimproved land.