Call to Action: HB 23 Transportation Budget


Legislative Alert & Call to Action

Next week, the Ohio House of Representatives will be voting on substitute House Bill 23 (HB 23), the Transportation Budget. The OTA has been made aware of an amendment proposal to address the much needed increase force account limits (R.C. §5575.01).

While fuel and supply costs have increased significantly, the limits on force account work have not been increased since 2003. This amendment would increase force account thresholds for townships, which are currently $45,000 for maintenance and repair projects and $15,000 per mile for construction and reconstruction. To demonstrate how inflation has affected road costs, research shows that in the past four years alone there has been a 29% increase in asphalt prices and a 46% increase to the price of pavement repair (per ODOT). As you can see, this increase is long overdue, and we urge the inclusion of this amendment to HB 23.

We are asking township officials to contact their state representative and express support for the inclusion of the force account increase in HB 23.